Olivia King-Boateng

I was born in Ghana but lived in London most of my life. I come from very determined parents who worked hard to carve out a better future for my siblings and I in England. My dad was an ambitious chef and my mum, a creative housewife and mother with great entrepreneurial spirit. 

I am someone who always gets involved, whether it was extra circular activities at school or voluntary work in the community. I graduated from university with a degree in Business Administration. I have worked in various jobs, both as an employee and self employed, with a keen interest in entrepreneurship at an early age. I have a passionate for community service and empowering women to start their own businesses or social enterprise.  I am very creative and love arts, crafts, graphic and interior design. I have founded a range of businesses and community projects which cover a wide range of activities and cover my wide range of interests and aspects of my dual citizenship. I am a practicing Christian (as apposed to a passive one) and modern African woman living my best life.

My greatest strength is my creativity and sheer determination to ‘make things happen’. I am focused when I need to be but also have a sense of humour and self deprecating.

I specialise in business start-up, business development, business information, publishing, community engagement and co-production.

I am experienced at project managing community initiatives from idea to funding to completion. I believe in creating momentum and networking with various stakeholders and partners to achieve a desired outcome in a timely manner.

As a child of a second marriage, I am a middle child for my mum and the eldest daughter of four siblings for my dad. I am a lone parent and mother of a teenager with severe learning disabilities, Down’s Syndrome and Autism. I have learned so much about what it means to bring up a child with special needs and specialise in supporting parents, professionals and the community in developing services to meet their needs. I started my own business in 2009 and self published a women’s business information directory when I discovered despite my difficulties raising a child with severe special needs, I could access a wide range of support to enable me to continue my caring role and create a good quality of life through self-employment. In my personal life and work, I proactively encourage and support anyone who wants to take charge of their circumstances and develop a life they want with practical solutions to achieve it. Its a joy to see the spark in someone’s face, who has just discovered how empowered they really are.

My son, Joseph, who is now nearly 17 is passionate about music and drama, cooking and sports. Although he experiences a lot of challenges, he is quite simply his own person and assertive to boot.


Joseph attends an independent special school and accesses various specialist play provision outside school where he interacts with his peers with learning disabilities. We are both well known in the community, him for his effervescent personality; me for my community work and just being his mum!

Together we have overcome many challenges in our SEN and disability journey in our own unique way.


For enquiries, please email me: 

Olivia King-Boateng

Email: info@oliviakingboateng.com