Your Unique Selling Point

What one thing are you doing differently?

If you’re selling the same thing as 100 other businesses, you need to set yourself apart from the rest.

In marketing, it’s called your USP (unique selling point). Find that, and you can unlock an avalanche of sales.

But how do you differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace?

1. Talk to your ideal customers and understand what they need to solve their problem.

2. Ask them what would make them switch to your business.

3. Write down your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Look at market trends and see if there any opportunities that your competitors haven’t spotted.

5. Come up with ideas how you can make your business easier, quicker, friendlier, more professional, or quirkier, etc.

6. Ask yourself why consumers should buy from you, rather than another business.

Once you’ve pinpointed something that sets you apart from everyone else, go to town on it. Let your USP become your brand – the very thing that sets you apart. Promote it like crazy.

Be memorable by making your USP part of your business’ DNA.

If people have a reason to do business with you, they’ll come. If you’re the same as every other business out there, you’ll struggle to gain market share.

Why should consumers choose you, and not your rivals?

(post from serial entrepreneur Chris Haycock, CEO of CliqTo Media Ltd )